A&R Engineering is a well established and experienced company, which assists with a 24-hour service. Services include a 7 day open workshop, fabrication and machining.

We have a 14 Ton truck with a mobile crane available on request, which include after hour assistance and on site erection.

Two light duty vehicles help us to deliver smaller products in time to our valued clients.

With well experienced Managing Staff, who can assist with any queries, A&R Engineering strives to serve clients any way possible.

Due to our facility capabilities we can fabricate products as big as 6M in height and up to 40 Tons in weight. Please refer to fabrication capabilities

Machining Facilities Capabilities and Services include a floor border, which can machine up to 4.2M across x 1.9M in height and 0.7M in depth, this excludes our biggest lathe with a 1.3M swing. (Please refer to Machining Capabilities)

Fabrication & Machining


Small, medium and large fabrication items, which are equally important, can be done at our workshops or on site. These items include cutting, bending, welding and various coded welding processes. Need steel fabrication help? Contact AR Engineering.


Machining of components, e.g. turning, milling and a variety of other machining processes, is done by A & R. Need steel machining help? Contact AR Engineering.

PLEASE NOTE: We have recently acquired a new floor borer to increase our capabilities.

Erection & Installations

In house fabrication and erection of large steel structures for maintenance buildings, process and production facilities and warehouses for various customers. Need help with erection and installation of steel structures? Contact AR Engineering.


In house facility for the refurbishment of old products including stripping and cleaning. Need help with product refurbishment? Contact AR Engineering.

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